Company Portrait

According to the chronicle dates the first mention of " Kruse Cigars " was in the year 1842. The company's history reads very varied with time and space embossed cigar brands, with war-related expropriations and production facility relocations. From 1904 the company was renamed as Kruse OHG with operations in Berlin, Hamburg and Mannheim. From 1962, as a limited company (GmbH). From 1965 to 1969 the production were done in Hugstetten in Freiburg in Breisgau, since 1969 in Tengen, district Watterdingen.


 Messmer Cigarrenmanufaktur Main Entrance

In 1986, with the production department "Messmer Cigar Factory" the completely new MC Special cigars and cigarillos were developed (see product line). Today our employees, equipped with the best technical equipment, ​make ​high quality cigars and cigarillos in new, modern factory buildings.


 Messmer cigar factory aerial view

The picturesque town of Tengen, with its eight villages and 4,700 inhabitants is located in the south of Germany, between the Lake of Constance and the Black Forest, on the border to the Switzerland.

The hills of the Randen with a view onto the Hegau and the Lake of Constance (on clear background with a beautiful Alpine panorama) invite you to take short or long walks. Here you can really relax, but also work just as well and produced with much love cigars and cigarillos.


Even an old saying goes:
"Engen, Tengen, Blumenfeld are the most beautiful towns in the world" !

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